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Alternative Electric is a Cowichan Valley, Vancouver Island based designer, installer and consultant of renewable energy systems, both ON and OFF grid.

We are a licenced, certified, insured and bonded electrical contractor with 12 years experience in quality installations. Solar PV is what we do, since 2003 and as Alternative Electric in 2006.

We also have experience in micro hydro power and wind power generation, plus battery based back up power supply systems for power outages, or for folks who live off grid, and don't want to run a generator too often or ever again! Most of our systems are customized to meet each owners particular needs and site specific situation. As professionals, we use only higher quality equipment for each situation. We know that quality components will make for a better functioning system that can give years of reliable and dependable service. Yes, you pay a little more and you get a LOT more.

Grid tied solar pv (photovoltaic) without battery back up is the most popular way people around the world get solar systems to meet their concerns for protecting the environment and aligning with their values. It is the basic system for folks already "on the grid" (on the electrical grid), and the most affordable.

For "off grid" folks, they will require a battery of some sort to store energy, or for folks on the grid who also require a battery back up there are options to allow this, but recognize there will be a slight compromise in system efficiency and certainly a greater expense plus a higher level of awareness and a little more maintenance.

It is almost always much cheaper to design with maximum energy saving systems, fewer gadgets, super energy efficient appliances, and better lighting solutions before incorporating a whole bunch of expensive solar modules. We want to help save the environment, live more sustainably, and save you money.

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Serving Vancouver, Victoria and the Gulf Islands in British Columbia (BC), Canada, and beyond!

Electrical contracting: licensed, bonded & insured.

Quality Renewable Energy Installations:

  • Solar Power
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  • Water Power (Micro-Hydro)
  • Grid-Tie
  • Off-Grid
  • Backup Power Systems